Sologne Dinnerware Collection



Named after the thickly wooded forests of Sologne, this enchanting collection lets us peek into a region known as the hunting ground of French kings for centuries. Each detailed composition, rendered with vivid realism, captivates with graceful fauna tucked amidst the forest’s grassy marshes and deep woods. An original take on a classic 18th century style, finished in an inviting palette of earth hues.


Dinner Plate - 10.75" diameter
Dessert Plate - 9.25" diameter
Cereal Bowl - 7" diameter, 11.7 oz
Canape Plate - 6.5" diameter
Tea Cup & Saucer (Set of 2) - 6" diameter, 8.5 oz
Mug - 10 oz
XL Mug - 3.75" tall, 14.2 oz

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