Rothschild Bird Green Fine China Collection


The Rothschild Bird pattern was inspired by and named for one of Herend's very important customers and financiers, The Rothschild Family. This design tells the story of how one day Baroness Rothschild went for a stroll in her garden in Vienna and lost the pearl necklace she was wearing. An exhaustive search by her staff yielded nothing. A few days later, a gardener noticed the birds were excitedly chirping and flutt􏰂ering around something and he went over to investigate. That is when he discovered the birds had taken a liking to the Baroness’ necklace which was caught on a tree branch.


In 1860, this story inspired the creation of the Rothschild Bird patt􏰂ern which is comprised of 12 different motifs. Each motif depicts a variation on the theme of the pearl necklace in a tree surrounded by 2 birds. Beyond the beauty of the tale on its merits, the original designers also added some symbolism as well. A bird has long been a symbol for love and the designers deliberately chose to feature a pair of birds, a male-female couple, to add a romantic element as well. The motifs are completed by the addition of busy insects buzzing around the birds aptly conveying the excitement and energy of the garden inhabitants at their most unusual discovery.

Each is hanpainted with stunning green border and 24k gold accents. These pretty plates mix and match beautifully!


Service plate - 11" diameter

Dinner plate - 10.5" diameter

Salad plate - 7.5" diameter

Soup plate - 9.5" diameter

Bread & butter plate - 6" diameter

Dessert plate - 8.25" diameter

Tea cup - 8oz

Tea saucer - 6" diameter

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