Pearl Crystal Collection

William Yeoward


Pearl is a delightful combination of complex cutting and engraving, and features some of the prettiest motifs of the 18th and 19th centuries. The ’string of pearls’ is especially appealing as well as the dramatic starburst wheel. Every detail of the decoration is cut entirely by hand, with hours of skilled work required to complete each piece. This design is one of the most popular designs in the collection as it combines a classical beauty with elegant style.

Champagne Flute: 7" / 18cm - 5oz

Champagne Saucer: 6¼" / 16cm - 7oz

Goblet: 6" / 15.5cm - 10oz / 280ml

Small Wine Glass: 5½" / 14cm - 8oz

Large Wine Glass: 5¾" / 14.5cm - 9oz

Liqueur Tumbler: 2¼" / 6cm - 3oz

Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4" / 10cm - 9oz

Double Old Fashioned Tumbler: 4½" / 11.5cm - 14oz

Highball Tumbler: 6½" / 16cm - 16oz

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